A Guide to Organizing a Successful Press Conference

A Guide to Organizing a Successful Press Conference

A press conference is the way to go if you’re ready to launch that product, invention, brand or any other media-worthy news in your business. It’s one of the greatest ways for your company to receive media exposure so you’ll want to execute this and represent yourself perfectly. Here’s a guide you’ll want to follow to plan your press conference successfully.

Define Your Purpose

While normally it would be hard for you to have a say in what people say about you and your company, a press conference is the perfect opportunity for you to control your message to the audience- so you need to absolutely perfect it. Plan your speech so that you have your goals defined, know what you need to say and how. Is this a reaction to a controversy or a negative impact? A positive acclamation? Your goal defines your approach so make sure to outline your key points of your speech so that you won’t forget them.

Pick Your Location

You’ll have to take the best pick from locations such as Yarra valley corporate functions. It should be spacious enough to handle enough people and their camera equipment, but also have sufficient lighting to make for decent shots of the event. Don’t forget that it must have adequate parking for all the media crews and other important people- essentially, a well-rounded location.

The Invitee List

Devise a list of media outlets and follow the proper protocol of inviting a group of people from each television station, magazine and newspaper outlet though a press release, personal e-mail or even a phone call. Getting a confirmation of the amount of people coming will also help you plan out your seating arrangements and spacing, amongst other things.


Refreshments are always a winner at functions- formal or not. Your list will also help you sort your quantities for refreshments. Its best that you have these ready at least 20 minutes before the press conference actually starts. Once started, there’ll be no time in the moment to consider it until it’s being served.

Last Minute Prep

On the day of the press conference itself, you’ll definitely need to head to the venue a few hours earlier to see that everything is in perfect shape- all chairs are facing the main table, refreshments are in order etc. You’ll also have to assign someone to check credentials at the entrance, with a method of signing in. This could be via the traditional method of pen and paper or even electronic.

Post-Press Conference

Afterwards, it’s all about establishing relationships. Get your hands on that signing sheet and contact anyone that you decide should get a further ‘thank you’ for attending the press conference. Add in that you are open for further questions and are able to send a copy of the press kit if necessary.

Remember to be in control of the situation and present an air of confidence. Represent yourself and your company/product/brand well by following this guide and you’re set on having a successful press conference.

The Newborn Checklist – Must-Have Items For Your Baby

The Newborn Checklist – Must-Have Items For Your Baby

Purchasing the things the baby needs will have to be done well in advance to the birth of the baby and also the things you will need should also be purchased at the same time. Often, mothers tend to get caught up on all the baby items and forget that they too undergo a massive change during pregnancy, the best thing to do is to purchase all the items you will need as well as the baby items. Below is a checklist of things baby and mother related that would be needed postnatal.

Outfits For The Mommy And Baby

This is probably the first thing you should purchase both for yourself and your little one. Getting the baby clothing is quite simple, you purchase enough pieces that can be used throughout the early stages and possibly a few extra when the baby turns one. It may seem like we are thinkingway ahead but trust me when you are all up in diapers and have no time at all for the last twelve months, you will be glad that you bought the little one clothes so that you don’t have to go shopping. For yourself, purchase some clothes that will fit immediately after the birth and some a few weeks later and some more for a few months after on. These should be in varying or versatile sizes as you will undergo many stages post birth of your baby.

Nursing Items

Nursing items such as a nursing pillow or nursing bras are a good thing to have around the house after your baby is born. A nursing pillow is very useful to be used when either breastfeeding yournewborn or even when trying to nurse them to sleep. Nursing bras come in handy when you are breastfeeding and when purchasing this it is very important to purchase them in larger size than the size you have when you are pregnant.

First Aid Kits

When having a newborn in the house, having a first aid kit stocked with little items is very important and also will come in handy. Make sure to stock it with things such as a baby thermometer, some cotton wool etc. Make sure to also have some baby creams and baby powders that can be used in the instance that the baby develops a rash.

All Things Diaper-Related

Diapers are a part of your life and the baby’s life for the first few months. Make sure to be fully prepared and stocked with everything related to diapers. Have a diaper changing station set up with a table and all other essentials like ample fresh diapers and powder, plenty of baby wipes etc. It is also a good idea to have a fully stocked diaper bag with all your diaper changing essentials ready for when you decide to take the baby out. Make sure to always have a few fresh washcloths at your diaper changing table with some diaper creams. Some diaper liners will also come in handy for when it is the hotter days and this will prevent the baby from developing any kind of heat rashes.

Cricket 101: Fun Facts about This Popular Sport

Cricket 101: Fun Facts about This Popular Sport

If you find yourself traveling to Pakistan, India, Australia, England or New Zealand, be prepared. Cricket is super popular in these countries and you might find yourself in a conversation about it. Learn some fun facts about the sport so when they ask you about Cricket, you would not automatically think and blurt out “Jiminy!”

It Is the Second Most Loved Sport in the World

People might think basketball is the second most popular sport in the world after football. But cricket is. Its followers are mostly Asians, Indians and Pakistanis, two of the most populous countries in the world according to Census Bureau with India taking the number 2 spot and Pakistan in the 6th spot. These fans are devout that Cricket is often considered as a religion in India as well. Not to mention the popularity of the sport as well among Australians who are a sporty bunch.

It Is a Sport That Could Span a Career of Decades for Players

The sport is a bat and ball game and is considered to be less strenuous compared to other sports making the players enjoy fame and other perks of being a professional athlete longer.

It Is a Sport That Open Doors

Since there are legions of fans everywhere, cricketers surely draw in crowds and for businesses, this means money. Most of these athletes are endorsers of famous brands while some have even managed to open their own company like one of India’s most loved player who opened his own brand selling cricket clothing and other casual and sportswear. Several venture into politics while others were lucky enough to have a stint in Bollywood.

It Is a Sport That Could Be Played By Anyone

Young ones wanting to be professional athletes when they grew up are disappointed if in case, they did not grow up to be very tall and there would be little possibility to be drafted in the NBA. Fortunately, these kids could become cricketers since height does not matter with this sport.

It Is an Unpredictable Sport

No one would be bored watching (or playing!) this sport because it is very unpredictable. A lot of rabid fans are often asked why they love the sport and a lot of them are fond of it because it’s very fickle. A strong team that won last game does not necessarily mean they will win their next even if the opponent is someone they already beat in the past. The outcome of a game could only be decided once the last ball has been bowled.

It Is a Very Competitive Sport

The longest cricket match ever played is the match between England and South Africa that happened in 1939. The match unbelievably lasted 14 days! Even after playing for two weeks, England was still persevering since they are down by 42 runs. The match was later declared as a draw since the players from England needed to return back home. If this wasn’t the case, perhaps the match would have lasted for a month or more!


The popularity of the sport is not surprising, and these are only a few of the reasons why.