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5 SEO Features Your Ecommerce Software Solution Platform Needs

5 SEO Features Your Ecommerce Software Solution Platform Needs

Many marketing gurus will tell you that when shopping around for an ecommerce software solution. You first need to think about where you want to take your online storefront with search engine optimization (SEO). After all, without a great SEO strategy, your gorgeous and well laid out website may be buried under pages and pages of search page results. Basically rendering your online store completely invisible on the web. When coming up with a list of SEO features and functions that you want out of your ecommerce systems, here are some to consider:

Image Optimization & Handling

Your pictures and images will play a huge role in your online storefront, so you want to make sure that your ecommerce software allows you to properly optimize these images. Make sure that the software you choose allows you to customize and maintain the same URL for any image, regardless of what page it’ll be located on (image handling), and look for other features like the ability to use “alt text” (the text that search engines like Google and Yahoo use to “understand” what any given image is displaying). “Alt text” would look something like this:

Customization of Meta Tags

You’ll find this option in almost all ecommerce software solution programs, but many of them don’t allow you to customize and change tags right down to the product level on a regular basis. Try to stay away from any ecommerce systems that won’t allow you to change meta tags further down the line, otherwise, you may run into problems such as ranking low in search page results or even being penalized by Google for having duplicate content.

A Tailored Site Taxonomy

Nothing’s worse than investing in an ecommerce software that doesn’t allow you the flexibility to have the online storefront that you want and need. A quality web development program will allow you to create your own categories and subcategories so that you can have an easy to navigate and easy to use website. Nothing will cost you potential leads and customers faster than having a cluttered, disorganized and headache-inducing website.

An XML Sitemap

A sitemap for any site acts as a “shortcut” for search engines to quickly notice when new content has been added, and they then index that data. When you have your online store or website set up just the way you want it, then you can start creating an XML sitemap with your ecommerce software. Once completed, you can then submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster tools and then begin to collect invaluable data for your website as well as increase your online visibility.

Analytic Software Integration

Most ecommerce software solution programs will already come with their own analytical data program, which is ideal. But for those that don’t, or for businesses who may want to integrate other programs that have additional analytical features, you want to ensure that the software you choose will allow you to integrate things such as Google Analytics. By having an analytics tool integrated, you’ll be able to see things like which pages are getting clicked, which search terms and keywords are being most frequently used to locate your business, whether your lead generation strategy is paying off, and how many conversions you’ve had in a customizable timeframe.


Advertising Agencies: Outdoor Advertisement Activities

Advertising Agencies: Outdoor Advertisement Activities

The ultimate challenge for advertising agencies is to make sure there is diversity in the advertisements it creates. Besides this, it is also important for the firm to look out for what catches the interest of the target audience. There is nothing better than exploring the outdoors with a versatile and creative touch. Of course, for an advertisement to be successful, it’s important for it to be ‘unique.’

Moreover, the theme or concept must depict the true purpose of the product or service in question. Captivating the attention of viewers is the number one goal of any advertising agency. While delivering the right message has to be a priority, the background, color, lighting, and scenery can also play an immensely important part, and one must not ignore this detail.

How do you do this?

Keep things real and entertaining at the same time. This is why most agencies turn to outdoor shoots to keep things interesting for the audience. In addition to the aesthetic advantage, there is a financial benefit to consider as well. Instead of spending thousands on backdrops and creating an entire setup for a photo shoot, outdoor backgrounds save a lot of money and help avoid stress.

When one talks about outdoor activities, it can mean taking photo shoots of the natural environment, or the wildlife. It could also mean becoming more creative and explore the numerous and fascinating bright colors of the people that by chance fall into the backgrounds of the photo shoot. Sometimes, keeping things natural can be a welcoming concept, provided it matches the theme of the service or product in question.

Apart from the natural landscapes, there are numerous historic places and educational and business institutes in Melbourne where photo shoots can be very attractive for young minds. Some recommendable places for a photo shoot with Melbourne montages include the Flinders Street Railway Station, Royal Exhibition Tower and the Shrine of remembrance. The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is one of the most renowned places and is great for a perfectly natural outdoor advertisement photo shoot.

While making amazing photo shoots is important, it is also important to keep things fresh and exciting for the crew as well. Besides, it can be a thrilling idea for the crew to shoot in places like the Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley, where backgrounds will be very unpredictable as seasons change. Moreover, exploring mountainous places is always the best outdoor activity. You will surely find images to be very versatile and unique with a touch of historical richness.

Best Ecommerce Solutions for Creating Your Website

Best Ecommerce Solutions for Creating Your Website

Ecommerce can make a significant impact on your bottom-line and can open up new streams of revenue for your business. It attracts a lot of customers and has gained even more importance due to handheld tablets and smartphones. Your website is the most important element in your ecommerce business activity. To make sure that you have a user-friendly website you need to employ the best ecommerce solutions to design your website and get your business up and running.

Ecommerce Website

All the successful websites thrive on their web design. The layout of your website plays a major role in your customers’ decision to buy from you. They might come to your website as casual visitors but to make them your loyal customers you need to have a well-designed website. For this, you need to employ professional ecommerce solution providers who have the best web designing team on board to help you create a website that best fits your type of business.

Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce software deals with a lot of aspects of your business such, making your website search engine friendly, having an efficient payment system, inventory and product management, and tax and shipping options. To make sure that all these aspects of your business run smoothly you need to use the best ecommerce solutions that can enhance your website.

Shopping Cart Facility

This is one of the most important aspects of your website, having an easy and simple shopping cart facility makes it easier for the customers to make purchases from your website. Another important element is the confidentiality of the information that your customer trusts you with, and the security that you provide to your customers. This is very important because you do not want to lose your customer’s trust in you.

You need to hire the best ecommerce solutions in Australia to make sure that your customers have a good shopping experience on your website.